A News Anchor Drops the F-Bomb Video

Now Playing: Sports Videos Gone Viral

Now Playing: ‘View’ Laughs at Joe Biden’s F-Bomb

Now Playing: Ferguson Discusses ‘Modern Family’ F-Bomb Episode

Now Playing: Little League Coach Drops F-Bomb

Now Playing: Blagojevich Drops the F Bomb

Now Playing: ‘The View’ Drops the F-Bomb

Now Playing: ‘The Bachelor’ week 8 recap

Now Playing: The 2017 Toy Fair

Now Playing: Friday Rewind: Michael Flynn

Now Playing: Insomniac Theater: ‘The Great Wall’ and ‘Fist Fight’

Now Playing: INSOMNIAC THEATER: ‘War on Everyone’ and ‘The Comedian’

Now Playing: FRIDAY REWIND: Trump’s Immigration Ban

Now Playing: Festive Recipes to Spice up Your Super Bowl Party


Now Playing: Meet the New Mr. Clean

Now Playing: Merriam-Webster Expands its Vocabulary

Now Playing: Obama Enjoys Some Downtime

Now Playing: Insomniac Theater: ’50 Shades Darker’ and ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

Now Playing: Most Unlikely Roommates

Now Playing: Trump’s SCOTUS Nomination Incites Sharp Reactions

Now Playing: Hot Travel Deals to Escape the Cold



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